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UrbanHanded Works Inc. is a multi-media production company made up of professional artists from diverse, complementary fields; we are enthusiastic and proud of the work we are able to do for our clients and always eager to expand our vision by teaming up with other artists on their projects. Comprising graphic design, film/video and recording studios, we are able to oversee the development of artistic and commercial projects, from concept through to final production in whichever required medium. In the process, we provide creative consulting and on going solutions, including planning and organization of production or events, acting as true partners in the projects we take on.

As well there is a strong emphasis on community involvement at UrbanHanded Works Inc. Providing a technical basis and infrastructure, we strive to assist in the professional development of the local cultural scene. To this end, we produce concerts, complete with promotion for local artists, collaborate on smaller productions, providing facilities and training for emerging artists and offer internships.

UrbanHanded Works Inc. 650 Vinet, Montréal, Québec H3J 2G1
Tel.: 514.935.6968 E-Mail: uhw@urbanhandedworks.ca